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About Pro Accountant LLC

Bookkeeping Owner Jeff Green

Pro Accountnat LLC is the brain child and passion of financial analyst, accountant, business owner, and consultant Jeff Green.  Jeff worked as in the operations/financial project management field for a period of 5 years following 10 years a the Director of a Not for Profit in the Chattanooga TN area.  He then moved to for profit in the Flooring industry as a Financial Analyst before finally launching first a consulting firm by the name of Green Thoughts Consulting LLC in 2012 and finally Pro Accountant LLC in 2017.

His educational background includes a BS in Accounting and a BS Psychology (Quantitative) and later a MBA with an emphasis in Finance.  

Jeff has been leading teams of bookkeepers, mostly contract workers in the past, for almost 8 years.  This niche along side tax preparation fit nicely with the business consulting work he was doing and it became apparent in late 2016 that a separate LLC with an emphasis in and on bookkeeping was needed.  Here we are Pro Accountant LLC.

You can contact us for bookkeeping consultations by filling out one of our consultation form below or emailing us at Jeff at pro-accountant.com.  Alternatively, if you have other questions about our services go here or if you still aren’t clear as to whether your business needs a bookkeeper try our Quantitative Survey.

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