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​We are a bookkeeping service that isboth worry free and enjoyable.


Our experience in accounting and bookkeeping alongside the industry best standards assures you will receive accurate transaction detail, financial statements, and charts/graphs on a monthly basis.  We do accuracy.


We use bank level encryption on our computers, cloud based document repository, industry standard anti-virus and malware detection.  Our company is committed to security and you can rest assured you are the best hands.

Bookkeeping DepartmentThe Bookkeeper

Tax Support

Tax season will be a new and worry free experience with your new team.  We make the hand off between you and your tax professional a seamless activity.  There is no rushing around to “get the books ready” during tax season.

Team Approach

We use a team approach to keeping your books up to date.  Your new bookkeepers can then provide continuity to your bookkeeping service by taking vacations at different times and having a hands on deck at all times mentality.

QuickBooks Bookkeeper

When you work with us as your bookkeeper you get the human interaction.

We believe that’s important and value added for your business.

We use QuickBooks, the industry standard for small business accounting.


Business Package

$300/m Annually or$365/m Paid Monthly

Get Started Now

What do you get with the free trial?

  • Statements
  • reports & Graphs
  • Top expenses

Your Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statement are prepared and delivered on time, every single month.  Free until we provide your first set of documents.  These are easy to read and clear statements that can be used to guide your company or in line of credit and loan proceedings.  We will even provide an overview training on reading and understanding your statements.

You will receive a visual representation of where your business at that point in time.  It’s a snapshot of your businesses financial health.  Every quarter you will receive custom actionable insights specific to your situation that provide ways you can increase revenue and/or decrease expenses.  These insights are based on bench marking industry standards for your specific niche.

You will receive a list of your top expenses (up to 10) in a graphic view. This will help keep you on top of your expenditures and you can see, visually, where your money is going.  The value here is in the visual representation of your cash outflow.

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